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Magic Has A Formula


We are a passionate group of visual artists, who love creating unforgettable memories. We have a group of experts in each service who are dedicated.

Our mission as a team is to provide the very best to our clientele with our positive energy and our talented line up of professionals.


Turning new and imaginative ideas into reality is what we do. We love coming up with original ideas for any of the services we provide to make it that much more special.

Customer Service Oriented

When you book us for any or all of our services, our team is solely dedicated to you. We are here always when you need us, taking off the stress and complications to make sure your event is flawless. After all that is the reason why you are hiring someone in the first place.

Technology Freaks

Having the latest technology throughout our company is embedded in us. From our computers to our phones to our equipment to our gear, we carry the latest and best stuff around. Having the best gear, gives us the ability to give a greater product and service, and thats what we care about 🙂


Quality, Quality Quality! We have a tendency to get everything down to the tee for everything we do, every-time, striving for perfection so you don’t have to. We go above and beyond, and thats why they choose us.