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There is a lot more than just the time we are hired for. It is our correspondence, booking, preparation, travel, in-person meetings, back-end work, editing, ordering, designing, creating, delivering and much more.
Continuing Education
We are in the field of constant change. We have to keep up with the latest technology, techniques, and trends to make sure that our clients get the opportunity to experience new innovations.
Creative Brainstorming
To understand the style, personalities, and end goal of your occasion, we continuously brainstorm in order to make your vision come to life. Thinking of ideas and hours of research plays a vital role in creating your dream event.
Understanding the expectations that you have only comes with experience. We always ensure that your timeline stays on track and that everything flows as smoothly as possible. We are always prepared for any type of changes, from timing to location. Because of our experience, we know exactly what and when things needs to be accomplished.
Upgrades & Equipment
We always make sure that we are carrying the best equipment around continuously upgrading. From cameras, to designs, to computers and much more! We believe that investing in the best, makes the best product. We continue to stay ahead of the game and we always hope to exceed expectations.
This is a big part of the event but the most over looked. Liability insurance, in other words, “being covered”. Anything can happen during an event. For example, a guest can trip over our equipment and get injured. We make sure everything is covered so that does not cross your mind. Better safe than sorry.
Social Media & Advertising
In order to book us, you will need to see us. Social media and advertising is a huge factor to get ourselves to you. The amount of time spent on this element is a understatement.
Best Team
To have & maintain the best team members, from friendly service to continuous excellent performance. Compensation & other benefits are key components to their and your success. Team gets treated will, you get treated well.
A lot of expenses get overlooked, from travel time, vehicle costs, storage, processing, finalizing, wear & tear, office expenses, studio costs & taxes :(. All of which need to be considered to maintain and grow.