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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are a lot of questions, so hopefully this helps. If there is a more specific question that you can not the answer to on our website, contact us anytime.


How do I book?

Once 25% (deposit) is provided, your date is then booked with us! No worries after that. ­čÖé

What are the payment methods?

We accept all payment methods (credit card, cash, check etc).

What is your style?

Our style is whatever you want it to be. We’re creatives and thats what we’re made to do. We make sure the product that you dreamed of is what you get.

Do you travel & what is the cost?

Yes we do travel anywhere and everywhere. Anything outside of Ontario, we require travel & accommodation to be taken care of. Anything located within 70 kms within our base in that city, for example Toronto (1900 Clark Blvd., Brampton, ON, Canada) is included in the cost. Anything outside that requires driving there will be $0.50/km charge from the base.

What factors determine the pricing?

Other then the services you select and the amazing product you see and receive, there is a lot that goes into it. See our Pricing Factors page for more info.

Photo & Video

Is travel time included in the coverage hours?

Coverage begins at the time of once we start capturing the coverage. ┬áTraveling to and from other locations the day of your event, in addition to the downtime in-between events, is considered coverage time. ┬áTime is money and there are other costs such as vehicle, travel, fuel, and professional’s time thats accounted for.

If we book both services, what are the benefits?

There are many benefits to booking both services with us:

  1. You receive 5% off the total packages.
  2. When its our team, you’ll never see us in the shots.
  3. Communication is done from one team, saves you time and more consistent product. No overlapping :).
  4. Both our teams can utilize each other more efficiently. For example, cover photos are ready for our editor without having the need to chase another vendor.

We encourage you to only select services that you have always dreamed of so never feel like you have to select both services.